Bespoke Homes is pleased to work with licensed REALTORS® who participate in the selling process with one of our properties. We offer a commission as advertised in the MLS for buyer's agents who actively work to sell one of our homes. That includes being present with the buyers at showings, obtaining information from our builder's representative(s) and actively working with us to distribute information to the buyers in order for them to make a decision to move forward, and then writing a contract that is acceptable to the builder.

We do use our own contracts so please reach out to Kristin Sumpter at 870-941-9222 prior to submitting an offer. We will ask at the time of writing an offer that if your client wishes to make any structural changes (including plumbing and electrical, as well), these items are placed on our GA to ensure we understand what the buyer is wanting at the time of the offer. We do not allow change orders for structural items after the contract is negotiated. 

Once under contract, we will schedule a selections meeting, where the buyer will pick from our selections items for their finishes. In order to facilitate those meetings, we do work directly with the buyer once under contract. We will inform you as we go of information that you need but we do have our processes at Bespoke Homes and find that dealing directly with the buyers ensures the best overall experience for the buyer.

Please note:  We offer a referral fee to a selling brokerage for buyers without active representation.  An EBA should be submitted to Bespoke Realty NWA.  Should Bespoke Homes or Bespoke Realty NWA meet with the buyers (or repeated direct contact with the buyers via email and phone, as well as in person), then Bespoke Realty NWA becomes the procuring brokerage for the client.  A referral will be made upon submission of an EBA showing the buyer was under an EBA agreement at the time of initial contact with Bespoke Homes/Bespoke Realty NWA.