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Bespoke Homes is pleased to work with licensed REALTORS® who participate in the selling process with one of our properties. Because of our unique approach to providing direct support for our buyers, we offer a referral or finder's fee (paid as a "flat fee" in lieu of a traditional commission). To qualify to receive the fee (currently $1,500.00), all an agent needs to do is provide the information for his or her buyer prior to that buyer visiting our showroom or developments. You may register your buyer using the form below and emailing a copy of your exclusive buyer's agency agreement to our office. Once referred to Bespoke Homes, our staff will show the Buyers our available plans and homes, answer all questions and assist the Buyers throughout the purchase.  We literally will handle all further communications directly with the Buyers so the agent simply needs to make the referral and we'll handle the rest! Bespoke Homes believes that dealing directly with Buyers throughout the build process is the best way to ensure the greater overall experience for the Buyers. We use our own contracts, and handle all negotiations and communications, including working with the Buyers for selections meetings, on site meetings with superintendents and staff, and walk throughs, right up to the closing table. Should your buyer close on a property with Bespoke Homes, we will pay the fee to your brokerage upon closing.

We do understand this approach is unique and different from traditional commissions paid. Our reasoning is simple - the builder prefers for his staff, including the design team and support staff, to be able to communicate directly with the Buyers to ensure that we know precisely what the Buyers are asking for and to be able to set proper expectations. The building process can be stressful, and we want to be able to handle those situations through open communication. Because we know and realize there can and will be delays in materials from time to time (especially in today's world), we want to keep the Buyer up-to-date by providing direct communication. This allows YOU, the referring agent, to obtain a referral fee without the headaches of traditional new build situations and lets your Buyers be in the driver's seat, where they should be. They'll never be alone in the build process. After all, we want Buyers to be happy with their home and for them to recommend us to others!

Please note: If sending a Buyer to one of our developments or our showroom, the Buyer should be instructed to inform staff immediately that they do have an EBA with your brokerage or the agent should have called and registered the Buyer with us (479-802-5200, ext. 0).  Should Bespoke Homes meet with the buyers (or repeated direct contact with the buyers via email and phone, as well as in person) and no EBA is disclosed upon initial meeting with our staff, then Bespoke Homes becomes the procuring brokerage for the client.  A referral will only be made upon submission of an EBA showing the buyer was under an EBA agreement at the time of initial contact with Bespoke Homes.

Pre-Register Your Buyers With Bespoke Homes to Ensure Eligibility for Finder's Fee 

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